Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Milestone

I remember when I first started selling my little guys on Etsy I would check out how many hearts other shops had. I was always so surprised when there would be one with lots and lots of hearts. Now I am one of those shops. It's amazing. I can't believe I have 650 hearts.

Thanks everyone!

And special thanks to BenCanDance who is making me a custom airstream pendant as my little treat to myself. Check out Ben's blog. He really gets around.


iSew said...

That's so funny, I did the same thing. I used to check my hearts all the time to see how many I had, and other sellers' too. lol
I don't know how many I have now, but it went up a ton when i hit the front page.

LemonCadet said...

You should check. I find lots of new favorites that way.

I love how Etsy has all these cool ways to create communities.

Ben Can Dance said...

Thanks for the nice mention!! Yay, I'm starting on your airstream today and I'm excited to be doing it. :) have a ton of hearts. You deserve them- ADORABLE ITEMS!

Caroline said...

That's awesome! Congrats!! :)

BrazilDesigns said...

650 That's awesome! Your shop is great so you deserve them all!!

LemonCadet said...

Thank you! You guys are awesome. I really appreciate these great comments.