Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The beans are famous!

After struggling for months on what to make for promo items, I developed the bean stickers (that you all know and love so well). They are little bean guys made out of felt, run through the xyron sticker maker, cut out, and then finally stuck to a postcard with a nice big glob of purple gluestick.

I love the little beans and have grown fond of making them. My friend Sandi has become a good felt bean cutter while my mother in law has gotten quite proficient in helping glue them onto the cards (she makes cards that she sells in her Etsy shop so she came well-trained).

Thanks to Tina Seamonster for giving them a little nod in her piece for the Washington City Paper Crafty Blog. That one there on her cell phone is looking a bit nappy. Time for an upgrade!


Anonymous said...

hey these are so cute but I am wondering why you use glue to stick them to the postcard instead of a Xyron machine like the Xyron 500? OK - I work for Xyron (thanks for the plug by the way). Are you interested in letting Xyron share these as a kids craft project with our publication and retail partners?

iSew said...

That's so cool! I need to make some fuzzy monkeys or something. haha I loved mine when he came in the mail. I covet him though, he's still on his postcard on my fridge. :)

Beth Lemon said...

Thanks for the compliments!

I love my xyron machines. I have the X and I have a 250. I still have my 500 but it's broken so I don't use it anymore.

If you check out this post:
you can see how I use the postcards as a backdrop for the bean stickers. So you can be like my friend at iSew who puts the postcard (bean and all) on her fridge or like rad Tina Seamonster who tossed the postcard and kept the bean guy on her phone (and is clearly in dire need of a new one!).

If you'd like anymore information, please feel free to email.

Steph said...

Yay, famous beans!

Beth Lemon said...

Yay, indeed!

iSew said...

I'd also like to point out that my yeti onesie is still sitting on the kitchen counter because I'm not ready to part with him.

tinaseamonster said...

hey! my bean isn't that nappy considering he has been on there for 3 whole months!!! perhaps i could get another and just stick him on top of that one and so on and then it will be like the rings of a tree. and you will see the age of my phone by the number of beans.

and Xyron, I totally want one of your machines and will blog about it if you send me one. ;)

Beth Lemon said...

Tina Seamonster, you crack me up!

iSew, you should make a little tote and I'll sew a yeti on it for you. Just don't sew it up the sides so I can get in there.