Monday, November 05, 2007

Softies Central -- Go Vote!

Obviously, I'm not a finalist in the Let it Snow! Category but that bunny up there by my new friend over at Etsy is! Astulbee is going to be at the Bust Craftacular in Dec. with me.

Check out the finalists and do some voting over at the Softies Central blog.


iSew said...

I voted, it was really fun to look through the pictures. I'm not sure why you didn't make it, I wasn't impressed with some. Ah well.

Beth Lemon said...

Thanks. That makes me feel better.
For me, it wasn't the quality of the work chosen for the finalists, it was that several of the finalists made it into more than one category. It would have been nice if they had spread it out.

Poor bean. He was so sad. But I did have a dream last night that my couch was worth around $1000 and I was getting it reupholstered. So weird!

Steph said...

The bean was robbed.

Beth Lemon said...

We should stage a protest! Let the bean in!!!