Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I think we can do it.

So this weekend we did our first craft show with Baby Lemon. The little model slept soundly in the car the whole way there, while we were unloading, and while we were setting up. She only woke up when I took her to the Odyssey to eat because I was getting worried. (She probably would have been fine but I'm a new mom...).

The event was a total success. The weather was not. It was incredibly hot and humid until it poured. Luckily, we were mostly packed up so only a couple of the bins got a bit wet. We've got the tent out of the bag and drying in the basement.

As always, the Pittsburgh shoppers were awesome. This was my third show up there and everyone is super supportive and nice. I was hoping to see some of the people who stopped by at Handmade Arcade but the cloudy skies kept a lot of people away.

I made a lot of changes to the whole setup. While reviewing pictures of last year's events, I decided that it was all just too busy. There was too much going on. I made bright lemon shapes and used black sticker letters in different fonts easy-to-read items and pricing. I also made a couple of sale signs. I really like the way they turned out.

Because of the weather, I couldn't use my tall displays. The shirts or onesies just act like sails and are so hard to control. I will definitely be using them again when it's not so windy. I think the look is really important to my tables.

I also decided not to use the yellow baskets with the lemons and cadet plushies. I thought maybe they were a bit distracting but now I think the display is looking a little bland so maybe they'll make a comeback -- or maybe the tall displays are all I need. We'll have to wait until next time to see.

Baby Lemon is generally very cooperative during the day. She was pretty easy this time (thanks to tinted windows and the awesome event coordinators who let me use their offices to feed her later in the afternoon). I've applied to a couple of shows that aren't too far away and have plans to apply for several more to take advantage of my maternity leave. I think we're just going to keep taking it one day at a time.

There are a few more pictures with notes in my flickr.


hairycarrot said...

Very cool! Come hang out with the Pittsburgh Street Team again. I love your stuff.

Lumpkin said...

The setup looks great! Just a side note- I've seen your other pictures of past shows and I always LOVED the bowl of lemons, maybe it's just because lemons make me happy. mmm citrus!

LemonCadet said...

Thanks. I will bring the lemons back. Looking at these pictures, I can tell how flat everything looks.

Nikole said...

Your booth looks fantastic! Sorry the weather wasn't so great. I'm so proud of you!

caverdini said...

Leah & I were checking out your blog & pictures, and since she saw the pics with the Yeti shirts, she has now dressed both of us in OUR matching Yeti shirts for the day - We still love our Yeti's!!! :)
And cute stuff for the show, I can tell you're glad to be back in the game - Good for you! :)

Hobocamp Crafts said...

Congrats on the first show w/ Zadie! I'm so happy to see this- b/c we are always talking about how shows will be once the baby comes. Very inspiring and your displays look great!

Mommy Relcuk said...

Way to go bringing Zadie. I think you should not have to hide out in your car or an office to nurse the baby though. When you come visit me, we are going to go together and wave our boobs out in public and set you free from your modesty!

I like the new setup. It looks more organized and easy to find sizes. I think you have more product now than you did at some of the first shows. Early on in Lemon Cadet history, you were using some props as `filler` that you might not need now.

But - that being said - I vote bring back some of the lemons or cadet pushies or something. The signs and product alone are a little bland. You might not need all the extras every time, you could even rotate it around.

Is there any way you could make like a ``garland`` of the plastic lemons and hang it from the tent?

The Hatdiva said...

Good for you! I did a show when my daughter was 3 months we also camped out. At 4 months, we drove 600 miles, camping (again) doing a show in Jackson Hole, WY. All possible w/ super supportive hubby. Harder when they get to be two (long car rides, oy!).

Your booth looks fab. One suggestion, bright yellow drape in back (look for shower curtains & secure w/ bungees). A big blow up photo of a kid in one of your creations, laminated & hung. From afar, color + image will attract shoppers :) I've seen jewelers do this with great success.