Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm a Crafty Bastard!

I just got the chance to check my email and read that I was one of 95 applicants accepted into this year's show. This is such great news. I was a vendor last year and it was, by far, the best show ever (with Handmade Arcade running a very very close second).

See you September 28!


JessTrev said...

Yeah! I love Crafty Bastards and I missed the June show. Hope to meetcha there.

Beth Lemon said...

Cool! Baby Lemon will be there too.

I'm really looking forward to meeting all the DC peeps.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Congrats!

ohno,nobiscuit said...

Congrats! I hope I can make it out to visit Jen and come to the show this year. We should have the U92 zine done by then, so I should be free.

I've been so busy but I'll talk to you SOON.