Friday, February 27, 2009

And we're out.

So the time has finally come. The yeti is extinct. He will be remembered fondly by his hand-stitched toothy grin, his pointy claws, and his silky pelt.

Oh yeti, you will be missed.

Pictured above is the last of the yetis. Ever. He flew via First Class Mail/Parcel Post to his new home with Jess T's dad. Another traveled far away and will be a baby shower gift so that's a secret. If you find some of this fur, let me know and we'll attempt a reincarnation.

I have already begun working on designs for a new elusive species. Look for them in late Spring/early Summer.

R.I.P. mysterious beast.


The Clever Kitty said...

Oh, how sad! I'll be going to Joann's this weekend...I'll keep my eye out for the yeti fur.

iSew said...

I will definitely keep my eyes peeled, I love your yeti's so much.


birdsong said...

Farewell cute, sweet, adorable yeti! I can't believe I missed out on getting a yeti tee for Stella!

JessTrev said...

You rock. My dad was so surprised and thrilled! I plan to salvage the yetis from my kids' shirts and patch em onto bigger shirts in perpetuity, btw...

Also? I was trying to splain how I know you to my dad's wife and she finally summed it up perfectly: we're blogging pen-pals!