Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Projects

I've been on a crazy crafty roll lately making lots of things for Zadie. We're going on a little trip soon and I wanted to have some really fantastic toys to take with us. My favorite is this 21" cat doll. I bought the pattern from mmmcrafts on Etsy. It was a pdf and Larissa emailed it right away. It was an incredibly easy pattern to follow and I really enjoyed making it. I've been sewing a lot of stuff lately and with some patterns, I spend more time reading and re-reading the instructions to figure out what the heck they're telling me to do. That was not the case here. It was well written and the drawings were perfect.

The best part was picking out the fabrics. I couldn't decide between this teal corduroy and some red that I also had. I put them both on the couch and let Zadie decide. She pretty much charged at the fabric from across the room (this is a toddler who isn't quite toddling yet so it was funny to see) and jammed her little pointer finger onto the teal. She made her choice very clear. I didn't even realize that she could understand what I was asking.

I don't think I altered the pattern in any way (although I did embroider the face instead of using felt). The sleeves are cool ladybugs I picked up on Etsy for the Mod Sampler Quilt-Along project that I haven't finished yet (all the blocks are done, I swear!). The funny thing is that the sample cat in the pattern is wearing the same sleeves in a different color. I thought they were polka dots until I saw a closer picture on her flickr. The skirt was a challenge since I had never sewn elastic in like that but it was cool to learn something new -- and it was pretty easy. I used a Japanese house print that I got at Purl in Soho, some Echino, a solid -- really all just stuff I had. I didn't have to buy anything new (although I did and didn't even end up using it, as usual).

The shoes were my favorite:


nikole said...

This is amazing! Do you think the pattern is too complicated for a beginner? Thea is obsessed with cats and this one totally rocks.

Beth Lemon said...

I think you should try it.
There were some complicated things like pulling the elastic through the waist of the skirt, remembering to clip the edges (very important!).
But there were some things I did by machine (like the applique) that you could very easily to by hand if you were worried about that.
You really just have to take it one step at a time. Her instructions are very detailed and easy to follow.
Also, if you're worried, you could take a look at the Molly Monkey pattern she has for free on her blog. That way you can get an idea of what she's asking for.
I haven't made the coat yet (it's Summer!).

I saw the toys you made for Thea and I think you can do it.

Larissa Holland said...

Oh, Beth! This is one of my favoritist Katys I've seen! I LOVE your color and fabric choices. That is funny about the bug fabric for the sleeves. I love that Flutterby fabric collection and I had just bought a charm pack of it before I designed katy. Your Zadie did a great job of picking. The teal rocks.
Thanks so much for the very positive review of the pattern, I'm really glad you enjoyed making it!
thanks for adding her to the flickr group -- she's beautfiful.

iSew said...

She's adorable! Zadie has good taste and a very handy mommy.

Rachel said...

I love your creative ways! My name is Rachel and I am from Alabama. I, too, have a daughter named Zadie. I thought she was the only one until I was posting bows I make for her on etsy and came across your nursery. I want to use your "a thru z" line and pics if you don't mind for my Zadie's playroom.

Rachel said...

Oh, btw...I named my Zadie after my husband's great grandfather and after my best friend Elizabet...my 9 month old is Zadie Elizabeth Handley.

Beth Lemon said...

Rachel, There is another Zadie in San Francisco. My friend told me she overheard it at the playground.

Sascha said...

I just bought this pattern and I can't wait to get started. I love your version. I think I found it on the Flickr group.