Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project: Decisions (or, So Much Fabric So Little Time)

I bought some Oliver + S patterns a few weeks ago and realized that I was hoarding them like my cutest cuts of Japanese fabric. Yesterday I decided to break out the Playsuit pattern and go for it. It's sold as part of the Tea Party Sundress set.

Although the samples feature a solid fabric or a solid paired with a print, I really like mixing prints so I got out some of my favorites and starting messing around. How surprising that this Lizzy House Red Letter Day fabric (Pearl Bracelet and Stripes) goes so well with the Michelle Engel Bencsko Shade Garden line (Snail Trail and Sprouts).

So which one do you like the best?

(Playsuit image from the Oliver + S website.)

For more information about Project: Project, read this post.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE the little sprout (or Maple seedling) fabric! How cute!

Beth Lemon said...

Isn't it amazing? Did you know she has an Etsy shop? I love that.

Sarah said...

ooh cute fabrics- i like the second set best!

Perfect Fit Crochet said...

I love the fabric in the first picture, especially the mushrooms! :)

Beth Lemon said...

It's so hard to decide! I'm cutting tonight -- as soon as I can figure the pattern out. There's something I don't understand.

nikole said...

What did you decide? I am kinda partial to the blue, but I love both. I think I just really love blues. :-)

Can't wait to see it!

Beth Lemon said...

I am using the mushroom fabric with the red mushrooms and the Lizzy House fabric that's aqua.

Instead of the print for the piping, I had a solid that is the same color as the spots on the mushrooms so that it would be more girly.