Monday, January 25, 2010

Project: Jane

Damn you, Jane Austen, for keeping me up all night. Don't you know I have to teach an 8:30 class?

I may have confessed before that I'm a bookaholic. Once I get started on something good, I can't put it down. I've been known to stay up until morning to finish a really good book. This does not make the next day easy.

So anyway, I'm joining a book club at the local library. This is something I've wanted to do forever. What I miss most about being in graduate school for American literature is talking about books. But what I'm most afraid of in book club is acting like I have a degree in American literature. So I'm jumping in to the first meeting with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It's one of my favorite books and I find her writing just delicious. I love the movies and the scholarship and the outfits and Austen's wit. I love it all. And it's British so that should help.

I actually haven't read the book in so long that part of me thinks that I may never have actually read Pride and Prejudice and part of me thinks that's just not possible.

Last night I stopped right after Darcy confessed his love to Lizzy in Charlotte Lucas-Collins's parlor. Yum.

Any tips for the first meeting? I'll probably just keep my mouth shut.

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birdsong said...

I'm reading it now myself and also wondering, have I actually read this? I think I've seen the movie versions too many times! As far as book club, just be yourself, and speak up as much as you'd like! I imagine your point of view will be a great benefit to the group.

ohno,nobiscuit said...

I don't have any suggestions--I have always been terrible at discussing things I have read--but you should know that a new version of Emma is on Masterpiece Theatre right now, and they are also doing Persuasion and Northhanger Abbey this season!

I love that illustration!

bagfashionista said...

pride & prejudice is probably my fave book...and the BBC mini series had colin firth as mr darcy. double yum!

Beth Lemon said...

Oh yes, definitely Colin Firth. It actually took me most of the movie to like the actor playing Darcy in the new version. And I hate the ending. Gross.