Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project: Matching

I have to buy a lot of fabrics online so I'm never really sure what I'm going to get. Something that looks blue on the screen may be green and prints are often a different scale than what's in my head. I bought these two prints on Etsy. The red and white print is from Valori Wells' Del Hi line for Freespirit. While the collection is rather large, I couldn't find anything that was meant to go with this. I love the look of the paisley and the dahlia drawings and I love the quality of the line. I ended up finding this light blue solid from one of the local quilt shops. Nice. I think that light blue/aqua and red go together really well and are only starting to gain some cred.

The second print is from Robert Kaufman. There are two other prints in the line that go with this but I'm not into either of them. I don't think you'll ever see me using checks (I don't know why) and I'm just not feeling the little seeds. At that same quilt shop, I found this almost hot pink flannel to go with it. Pink is not in the design at all but it's a perfect complement to the blues. As long as a color is the same value (like this one is with the body of the birds), you can often make it work. I still don't know what I'm going to do with either of these but it's a lot easier to get to work on a project when you don't have to run out for supplies or wait for something to come in the mail. I like having coordinating fabrics on hand. What do you do when you buy something online that's not exactly what you were expecting?


Chuka said...

I recently bought a large piece of fabric to use on my kitchen curtains that I thought was red and aqua. When it arrived it was pink and aqua! Oh well, I guess. I still like it, so I just stashed it away for another project and will keep looking for the perfect fabric for my kitchen. I might use it for a little dress or the lining for a purse. Who knows.

Speaking of red and aqua. I painted the walls in my kitchen a pretty bold aqua ( I have an old kitchen with white cabinets and yellow tiled counters). Seeing your latest fabrics makes me wish I had done a softer aqua though! Very pretty. I think mine is overpowering the yellow counters.

Beth Lemon said...

Reds are so hard! I had that same problem when I was getting fabrics for the Mod Sampler quilt. I bought a few things thinking they would all go together and some were really orange and some were really pink. I'm very picky about color so that was annoying.

I'd love to see a picture of your kitchen! It sounds awesome.