Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Project: Working in the yard

This Sunday I spent all of naptime clearing out the black raspberry bed with a pair of scissors, my trusty gloves (R.I.P.), and a couple of other little yard tools. Luckily, I had picked up a new pair of gloves on clearance at the end of last season because these are no longer useful. I do still have my thumb somehow but, as you can see, it was close.

The brown stuff all around the bed is the mess I cut away and pulled out. It looks so much better now. Some sort of strange groundcover is taking over the space so that's really nice. It doesn't seem to interfere with the vines but it is keeping the grass away. I probably won't have to deal with this space again for a few more weeks. There is nothing better than warm berries right off the vine. Berry was one of Zadie's first words. I can't wait for them just to see her face.


Christina said...

fresh picked black raspberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best thing ever

ohno,nobiscuit said...

Do you remember when we were at Big Lots a few weeks ago, and I bought some blue gardening gloves to replace my dirty old pair? Well, I can't find them! And dirty ol' pair is over at Marie's, so I can't clean up any noxious weeds from the edges of my yard until I either find the new pair, or get the old pair back. There are these terrible skin irritating weeds that I want to get rid of so I can plant cyclamen and caladium...Marie and I both agree "cyclamen" sounds like a new birth control pill.

Were your raspberry vines there when you bought the house, or did you plant them? I ordered a couple to try out in a corner of my yard.

Beth Lemon said...

That's so weird that your gloves have disappeared! You'll have to head to Target and pick some up.

The vines were here when we bought the house. We just moved some of them to that bed in the front because we were thinking of doing an addition and wanted to see if they would work there.

We can give you some baby canes next Spring if you want. These are black raspberries. Very good.