Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project: kids clothes week day 2

I did more than an hour of sewing today because it was Election Day and I didn't have to work. We had a little family outing of going to the tasty bread store, the library, the quilt shop for buttons (just me), and the polling place. I made a reasonably informed vote and feel good about my decisions.

Last night I finished up the bias trim around the gator dress but did not think of a solution for that seam at the neck. Any ideas? I have a crocodile cross-stitch pattern that I was going to add to a pocket. Maybe I can work it in up there? I don't know.

Today I started on the yellow elephant pants. They are almost done. I have to sew the buttons on and hem them up. I made a weird mistake as you can see in the picture. I put the buttonholes too far over so the little flap that I was supposed to sew the buttons to would not have been big enough. I had to add 3/4" to the width of the flap pattern so I went with a different fabric and I like it much better with the buttons I chose. The pants seemed to fit well even over the chunky cloth diaper so I think they'll be great for now and later when we are diaper free. I was too lazy to fold over the edge of my elastic and stitch it up so I just used nail polish to seal the ends. Wow. Who does that? Now it's drying so they'll be ready to go tomorrow when I get home from work.

But I totally felt like a rock star blasting out my buttonholes like I had been doing them my whole life.


Sabra said...

cannot wait to see them finished. I'm totally in love with that fabric. good job on the button holes!

Happydacks said...

Your fabrics are great.
Doing button holes...that is better than rock star status! Scared of those myself!

Beth Lemon said...

Thanks! I do love the fabrics but I didn't have enough of the grey to re-do the little panels. The other stuff is just as cute and matches the buttons better. You can't really see it anyway. Oh well.

Sonica said...

Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!

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