Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The big reveal: What I did to that polka dot dress.

Zadie got to wear her new very girly, very ruffly, very hijacked polka dot dress to a bunny rabbit birthday party this weekend. I love the final result although I'm not sure it was worth all the hassle. It does fit much better and is a lot easier to get on and off the poor kid. I just love how serious she is in this photo, taking care not to spill the contents of the bag.

I had to cut the dress from the middle of the neck all the way to the waist. There was no other way to make it look intentional. I like the result and the vintage button detail from my stash stands out and adds a nice touch.

I almost didn't post a picture of the disaster that these closures on the shoulder seams have become but I was not about to give up this fight. I started by adding the roundy piece to the original shoulder seam. It was a thick mess so I ended up just covering the whole seam with this wide yellow grosgrain ribbon. Nothing here has been a happy accident but I do like this touch. The dress is still a bit wide but I can reset the snaps next year and have a little tunic.


mon ami said...

This dress is really lovely! Good for you for sticking with it instead of stuffing it back in your closet (like I do when projects get the better of me;)

Anonymous said...

I really love it! It turned out beautifully, and serious props for finishing it up.

Sabra said...

I love it, especially the straps. You'd never know they caused problems, they look great. and such a cute little girl.

Beth Lemon said...

Thanks so much!!!