Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hair and a Kids Clothing Week wrap up

So would it be weird for me to bring this vintage pattern into a hairstylist and say, "This is what I want"? Is that taking it too far? Yes, please make me look like a 6-year old from 1978. Thanks.

And check this out. Elsie Marley made up a couple of photo collages of her favorites from Kids Clothes Week and she liked my little capelet. That really made my day. I definitely did the whole week. Even though I caught a nasty cold, I spent at least an hour each night working on my cross-stitch. I sew a lot but not every night. This was a good way to buckle down and focus.

I'll have Part I of the upcycled capelet tutorial up tomorrow. It is so much cuter on the kid than the hanger.


Lisa said...

That haircut is adorable. I've been trying to get my hairdresser to figure out that's what I want but have never had a picture.

ohno,nobiscuit said...

The taller girl's hair reminds me of Carey Mulligan, so just take in a picture of her!

In fact, I think you two have similar features.

Beth Lemon said...

I love the hair.

And I totally guessed on the date of the pattern and I was right. I'm definitely getting obsessed.

dana said...

your caplet is beautiful Beth! I want to make one :)

dana said...

and yes, love the hair too! :)