Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Horses and girls

I've never been a horse girl. Never. I've ridden horses a couple of times in my life and I would be happy to again. As a girl, however, I never played with plastic horses (except for a few My Little Ponies, if that counts). It just wasn't my thing. I was more into other things (and I'll post on those next week).

So why I bought this fabric from Spoonflower, I will never know. But it's gorgeous. I splurged and chose the voile. It is soft and lovely. I was bummed at first when I saw that Heather Ross' Far Far Away III line included some of these same prints but they are on totally different fabric so it's all good. I am loving, loving, loving the ochre and browns. This palette reminds me of my early childhood before the '80s got all bright.


LaurenSmash said...

so jealous! its really lovely. Just went to check and it said its no longer available! so cute. Can't wait to see what you come up with

Beth Lemon said...

The horse fabric is part of Far, Far Away III that will be out in a week or so. It will be on that thick linen we love.