Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fab challenge with Call of the Small

Before my little blog break, I saw some cool earrings on and thought they would make the perfect accessory in a scene. Being too cheap to buy a whole pair just for myself, I asked the amazing mini designer behind Call of the Small if she would go halvsies with me and do a challenge. I don't think we set any rules: just use the earring in a scene. Here's my result.

I assumed she would do something much cooler with the earring than hang it on the wall as art so I took the safe route by doing just that. I made the frame myself (a first!) with dollhouse moulding. I used seed beads to shadow it away from the backing paper. The fireplace is actually a vintage Fisher Price couch that I turned upside-down and sideways. I printed out the brick paper and stuck it in.

The rug was actually my first idea. I don't know if it's cheating but it came to me shortly after I bought the earrings. I had the pattern printed from one of the artist's other designs before the package even arrived.

I used the roombox I designed (have I talked about that yet?) to stage the scene. My favorite part is the coral. I found the orange faux coral at Michaels and hot glued it into a bottle lid.

I bought the abstract expressionist stamps at the Post Office months ago specifically to use in scenes and finally Rothko made it.

Time: I must confess that I have been working on this scene all week! I've been playing with it bit by bit when I could get in a minute.

The goods: sparkly chairs are Petite Princess; coffee table is a glass tealight holder with a piece of paper glued on; dishes are re-ment, Ocara, Playmobil, and random eBay finds; orange chair is Reac; side table is a vintage Fisher Price chair, possibly a booster seat (?); the credenza is a dollar store table that I chopped the legs off, sanded, and washed with orange paint to be the right color and size; record player and other stuff is Tomy. I totally forget who made the earrings but hopefully Call of the Small will post a credit.

This was really fun for me. Thanks so much to Christine of Call of the Small for taking me up on this challenge. I can't wait to go see what she's done!


callsmall said...

Crafty, crafty!!! This looks AMAZING. You really put all the inspiration into this room. LOVE IT, completely, totally. Thanks again for suggesting the joint post!!!

Gigi said...

LC, you both did an amazing job of your joint posts and more so an imaginative and creative outlook on the styles of using the earring! hugs, gg

Neomig said...

it looks so cool and coordinated perfectly.

Modern MC said...

This is a cool idea. I LOVE the rug you made. Nice job, man!

Maryann Roy said...

This is fabulous! LOVE the colors in this room. You are so crafty!
Maryann :)

Michelle York said...

I just found your site through FB..So clever and interesting. I'll be back!

Mini Dork said...

OMG, I totally thought I commented on this ages ago. D'oh! I LOVE the framed earring, you turned it into beautiful artwork. The room looks great. I love the colors. Cool challenge.