Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm a Giant . pulling some loot from the permanent collection

When I'm playing with my miniatures sometimes I pretend I work for Rachel Zoe and I "pull" styles from my vault. Yeah, it's like that. I might use this fireplace instead of making a hanging one like planned. The speakers from the iMac are too big. The sofa is vintage Fisher Price; I printed out the bricks and used this as a fireplace in a scene. I'm thinking of painting the trashed Petite Princess chair to mimic grey leather. Oh, the colors in the background are scrapbook paper I'll use for stuff. Maybe I'll use the yellow Lundby chairs or the acrylic chairs but definitely with a different table. Maybe the Eames rocker will live in my studio apartMac and maybe I'll paint the elephant in one of these ochre shades. See my new MacBook and iPad? Awesome. Some drawer pulls and knobs, another stolen idea.

These are the accessories I'm starting with. Why yes, that is a Princess Diana commemorative plate. That's how we roll. That's a wheel of brie and a Rilakkuma flan. Indeed.


My Realitty said...

I love how you call it "the permanent collection!"So true! CM

summerplayshouse said...

Love your little plates and accessories. I was at the flea market the other day and all the little things they had were just so overwhelming. I didn't know what to buy and what not too. Love that Diana plate though. Too cute! Looks like you are really getting a lot of work done!