Sunday, August 05, 2007

Collage city

This weekend I'm going to do the Brooklyn Indie Market. Every time I do a craft show, I'm overwhelmed with setting up. I want it to go more smoothly. So I made this collage of where I want everything to go on the table.

Yes, it seems crazy but this is how I work. A drawing just won't do and I'm a visual person. This will help me when I get there and draw a blank.

I'm also going to do a better job of packing up the bins so I'll be able to put out the display smoothly and without a hitch. I wanted to do some rearranging from the way the table was at the Lancaster Eastern Market so I printed out some of the photos, cut them out and moved them around until they worked. I also printed out some pics from earlier shows where stuff wasn't blocking another piece.

See my flickr image for notes if you want more info on what's going where.


fernfiddlehead said...

I a Brooklynite, but won't here this weekend. I would love to see your stuff.

LemonCadet said...

Oh no! I want to me other Etsy people.

Nora said...

You are very smart to do that! That way when you get to the craft fair the "thinking" of setting up is all done for you. Brilliant.

iSew said...

That's a great idea. I've only done my two markets, but I seem to have set up almost exactly the same each time without too much drama. I did change some products around though. Good luck!

(I received my little package from you today and I was SOOOO HAPPY!)

LemonCadet said...

Let's hope it works! I really do just draw a blank for a minute when I first get to a show and unload. I've already got my bins packed up for the Brooklyn Indie Market. I tried to organize them better so that it will be easier to unpack.