Friday, December 28, 2007


Etsy has this cool new feature called Pounce. It jumps on shops that have recently sold items and shows you what's left in the shop so you can pounce on it. I sold a ladies yeti tee a while ago and pounced until I found me. Is that kinda like doing a Google search for yourself?


thoughtbubble said...

I love this feature! It is so much fun. I know that when I reopen my shop in January and (hopefully) start selling items again, I'll be looking for myself in Pounce too, hehe.

iSew said...

haha, good idea, I might just pounce for myself next time I have a sale. I think Etsy toys are fun, especially pounce and shop local.

LemonCadet said...

Yeah, Etsy toys are rad. Shop local isn't so cool for me since there aren't too many sellers around here. Soon, though, I'm sure!