Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

2007 was such a busy year around here, as you can see from the photo (It's a girl!). We've had some major life changes and are really excited about 2008. The past few months have been a whirlwind for us. I've been a little preoccupied... I've been slow with custom orders. I've neglected my poor flickr account. I've disappeared from the Etsy forums (although I have been known to lurk a bit).

I'm taking January off from making new items as it's a good time to regroup. I won't be doing any shows until June or July so I'll have plenty of time to get my stock back up if I start in February. Last year on a trip to NYC, I picked up some amazing fabrics for my new line that will include a new design (hint: he will be very fat, very wide, and some versions will have a tail!). Bede (a.k.a. Pat Pat) has been discontinued. I have a few of him cut out that will make it onto some onesies but you won't see him in the shop after he's gone. It's time to start new things!

I can't imagine things slowing down anytime soon. I'll be teaching a new course at my day job that I am very invested in. It's the first time I've been able to develop an entire syllabus myself, from policies to content. I'm hoping it will add some spark to my other classes.

I've been researching baby products like a madwoman (or merely like a hormonally charged mom-to-be). We bought a crib and I've been designing the nursery. I subscribe to a ton of dangerous baby product blogs and have gotten some great ideas so look for more on that in the coming months. (My favorites are Daddytypes and the Apartment Therapy Nursery Edition.)

Meanwhile, I have tons of new stuff to add to the shop as soon as I get the photos taken so keep an eye out.

Thanks to those of you who bought Lemon Cadet goods. The yeti t-shirts were way more successful than I had ever hoped so look for a new design Summer 2008. I also have a super exciting project with Yeti Loves Seamonster that you'll hear all about shortly.

Once again, Happy New Year!


Bella Modiste said...

Congrats on the bebe!

you've been tagged for the "Amazing Blogger Award"

~The Bella Modiste~

LemonCadet said...

Thank you!

iSew said...

Wow, it all sounds very exciting. I can't wait to see the baby's room! And new stuff for the shop! fun stuff.

Space Oddities said...

happy new year and have fun shopping for baby!

m.Lee said...

Congratulations! When is she due? What a happy new year!

Feel free to contact me if you want any advice on what I see as some key products and what to stay away from.

Are you at all interested in babywearing? If you check my blog it is my new obsession. It is a big reason why I am still able to make art. It is wonderful!

Since you could so you could almost certainly make a really cool pouch or ring sling for yourself.

LemonCadet said...

Thanks so much!

Our baby is due May 14.

We will definitely be doing some babywearing as our neighborhood and the trek to town is not stroller friendly. Someone just gave me the most amazing fleece Kangaroo Korner pouch sling. It is wonderful. I can't wait to try it out!

My obsession right now is cloth diapering. I've been researching like a woman possessed!

roshekie said...

Congratulations Beth!! Yea! Now you can pour the birdie flannel on your own bean!

roshekie said...

Oh, and this is my favorite cloth diaper article, I think... http://diapersewing.wordpress.com/2006/12/07/how-to-make-diapers-for-baby/

LemonCadet said...

Thanks for the link! I've really had a time finding a good pattern for the fitteds. I plan to buy the covers since I'll only need a few and others have more than mastered that. But I want to sew all the insides (or have grandma do it ;) ). I should have known to ask you!

And I have a nice pile of Lemon Cadet "seconds" in my baby pile but I will definitely be making some special stuff.

Steph said...

A girl!
So excited for you.
(baby-wearing is awesome - I never put my daughter down for the first 9 months.)

Anonymous said...

BABYYY!! Comgratulations!

Andrea (AKA Powderpuff)

LemonCadet said...

Andrea! I've been thinking out you. Off to send you an email.