Friday, January 29, 2010

Project: On the desk

I thought it would be interesting to show the world my current crafty/computer/sewing space. Check out my flickr page for a million notes.

I keep my Huskystar 224 on the desk at all times. To the right of it is a little plate/candle holder where I keep all my cut threads and dull needles to deal with later and a pile of mail to read. Shoved in next to the desk is the Ikea Lack table that we bought for Zadie to go with her chairs. My chair is something I got from salvage at work. It used to be in the library before the remodel and I love it. To the left is the printer and on top of it is a stack of quilt blocks from the Mod Sampler Quilt-along project. My bookshelf is a little messy so it's time for a purge or a relocation of something.

I love looking at people's spaces so just thought I'd share. My desk is actually pretty neat today. What's a mess is the wire basket rack just off to the right and a bin piled high next to that. Anyone wanna hem a bunch of pants and help me out with it?

For more on Project: Project, read this post.


Kim Rakes said...

You have a new follower! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog today, I think we have a lot in common as far as being crafty parents goes! Zadie is adorable and I love her room and kitchen. But I especially LOVE your kitchen! Lookin' forward to keep up with your project:project. I just posted a couple of days ago about one big mess of a room I am trying to slowly clean. Eeep! Hope we can keep eachother motivated (=

Beth Lemon said...

Oh awesome. I will find you. Thanks for all the compliments.

I have to admit that I'm a piler and I still have a few spots in the office that are like black holes. But I feel like once I get those taken care of and better organized, it won't be so bad.