Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project: Quilt Top Finished!

I finally pieced together the entire top to my Mod Sampler quilt from the Oh Fransson! Quilt-along. I didn't have any problems adding the sashing between the rows or along the sides. One of the reasons I may have been having problems with the freezer paper was that my pressure was set very low because I usually do a lot of applique. Instead of good control, I was slipping all over the place. You need straight lines for quilting so I moved it up a notch and got much better results.

The fabrics I was choosing from. I got rid of the teal waves and added a light solid in aqua.

After I finished the front, I measured out the larger cuts of fabric I had left over. I have a nice wide panel of the teal linen I used for the sashing, over a yard of the bird fabric (I can't find a link but it's in the "Sweet" collection from Moda), and that awesome embroidered bird that we bought during a trip to Mexico. I plan to map out the back using graph paper so it will have the right proportions. For the binding, I think I'm going to use the fabric with the little red stars. What do you think?

I'm going to take out the finished edges of the bird panel and piece it in to the teal. I'm not really sure how to do that to get the right dimensions so I'll have to do some research.

For more on Project: Project, read this post.


Christina said...

wow! looks incredible! great job!

Petals said...

Oh it looks so good. I am working on my first big quilt right now and I am almost ready to start sewing the squares together. It makes a bit nervous but sewing yours all put together gets me all excited.

LemonCadet said...

Thank you both so much!

This was my first "real" quilt. I had done a smaller crib quilt but it doesn't count.

If I can do this, I think anyone can.

syko kajsa said...

Lovely quilt and great fabrics! I usually "go crazy" with the quilt backing and just sew together what I have left of the fabrics from the top. I think the red stars will work great for the binding!

LemonCadet said...

Thank you!

My concern with the red star fabric is that it's a civil war reproduction at the whole line seems much thinner than the other fabrics I used. I'm worried it won't wear well.