Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming Home

So we will be bringing our baby home sometime in the next two weeks. That seems pretty crazy to me. I got into a sewing frenzy this weekend spurred on by my whiny post about everyone else's productivity and the fact that I wasn't about to let my kid wear someone else's work home from the hospital.

So I took this cute little striped romper that I bought at Old Navy during their big January sale and put this really big bun bun on it. This fabric is from a fat quarter that I bought at a quilt shop in Carrboro, NC almost 10 years ago. I really like mixing patterns but don't do it much with the Lemon Cadet stuff because people seem to like to play it safe -- especially when they're buying gifts.

I'm sure this outfit will be too big but I love it anyway.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best Scene Ever

Yay for Oxygen. Last week they played the newest version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It is one of my favorite books and one of my all-time favorite movies. I love the 6-hour long BBC version because the casting is spot on. Colin Firth is the best Darcy ever. So hot.

So anyway, when I first saw Darcy in the 2005 version with Keira Knightley, I was super bummed with the choice of Matthew Macfadyen. He seemed kinda short and well, just not Colin Firth.

Then there was this scene.

They are standing under this gorgeous stone structure in the middle of England somewhere and it is absolutely pouring down the rain. Both actors are never in the shot at the same time. It is splendid.

It's not Colin Firth as Darcy half naked and soaking wet after a swim in that pond in front of his estate but it is splendid.

I had forgotten about it until it was on TV. I watched it again when they showed it right after it was finished playing the first time...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Everybody is making stuff but me

little project in progress
Originally uploaded by floresita
I miss making stuff.

I mean, I guess I'm busy making a little person and all but hey, I miss my Huskystar. I miss cutting out beans and bun buns and figuring out what fabrics are going to work best on my blank onesies.

Look at this monkey by floresita, one of my flickr contacts. She's been making stuff. Check out her empty Etsy shop. The baby needs one of these.

20 days.

20 very long and too short days.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Less than 6 weeks

I feel like when this kid comes out she's going to be like Patty Hearst. You know that scene in the movie where they take her blindfold off and she knows who everyone is by the sound of their voices? When baby gets here she'll go, "And that's Sasha, she purrs the most. And that's Groucho, why does he wheeze like that? And that's Daddy, so handsome. And that's Mommy; she's the one who's making everyone wash their hands when they come in the house. Oh, and that must be NPR! And over there, that's The Weather Channel."

These are the sounds of our house.

My last post was two months ago. I've been in this crazed mode of getting the house ready and working and on and on. I still have so much to do but I'm feeling better about it all. I miss my little blog.

Oh, I got that picture up there from here.