Friday, July 02, 2010

This Week...

...was kinda awesome. You wouldn't have thought that to yourself if you had been here, but to me, it was a good week. I finished up some stuff at work and took the rest off. We found a babysitter who is great and will come over and "play" with Zadie for four hours a couple of days a week. Summer is half over for me but I feel as if it has just begun.

A new friend came over to my house for the first time so we Lemons cleaned up as much as possible and it still feels better almost a week later. I tried to act like Martha Stewart by making my famous iced tea and a designer snack. I fancied everything up in a low-key way (putting anything in Fiestaware makes you look professional, for reals). We spread fresh, local chevre from the market onto crackers (because Aaron didn't know what I was talking about when I asked him to buy "cute little breads or something cute" at the grocery store). Then we topped that with ripe organic blueberries and drizzled it all with honey that another friend made in her house a couple blocks down the street. I had no idea how all this would taste but it turned out to be rather delicious.

I actually don't usually like looking at pictures of cooked food on blogs (unless it's cake and stuff, Honey, don't worry) but I love looking at people's dishes.

Anyway. I also got some sewing and organizing done. I am almost finished with a cute romper for Zadie inspired by this post and another pair of these pants in a different fabric -- just gotta sew some buttons on them both. I hemmed a pair of pants, fixed a hole in a sweater and a zipper in a skirt, cut out the wipes for the winner of my Earth Week giveaway, and have been getting ready for our upcoming trip. I'm a planner so when we leave the house for more than a day trip, watch out.

It's Friday night. Mr. Lemon is out. I'm listening to the hum of the baby monitor with a cup of decaf green tea and I'm about to work on a little bag to haul legos in. It's all good.