Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Swap Inspiration

I have joined a swap. This is something new for me. When I was in grad school way back, I did a lot of ATC swaps. I needed to keep creative visually while writing all those papers. I still find that when I'm making something, the best ideas for other things come to me.

Anyway, this is the collage I made of flickr favorites so that my secret partner will know what to make for me. The composition isn't fabulous but isn't all this stuff great?

1. side show, 2. Back of the round top zipper pouch, 3. 1974 globe, 4. IMG_6101-2, 5. GI JOE Gnome, 6. embroidery hoop paper airplane wall art, 7. ursula :: completed, 8. personalized!, 9. hexie panda, 10. home., 11. Cloudy... with silver rain, 12. continuing on my little journey of discovery..., 13. playing with Macaroni Love, 14. gocco23, 15. Time for a Party, 16. germany 220, 17. embroidery/hoop up, 18. orion, 19. powerline quilts, 20. Castle Peeps in Stitches