Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Project: Buttonhole! (and should I buy a new machine)

the mess of the tests

Today, I made a buttonhole. In fact, I made three of them: one to test and two for the show (the Oliver + S Playsuit show, that is). I have been afraid to try buttonholes because they seem so daunting. So I popped in the quilt shop with Senior Husky and we got to work. The setup for this particular model is different from all of the other Husqvarna machines that they carry so it was a bit of a challenge to figure out but it's so easy now that I know how.

But it's dangerous being in the quilt shop because of all the beautiful brand new fancypants sewing machines they have lined up ready to go at the front of the store. . .

I bought my Huskystar 224 used from my local quilt shop almost 10 years ago. It's been good to me. It's been a pain in the ass (mostly me not knowing what I'm doing). But lately I've been wanting to upgrade. Senior is a top-of-the-line beginner machine and I just need to move on. I need more control and I need a stitch that is shaped like little VW campervans. That's all there is to it. I think I'm going to buy an Emerald 183. It's an upgrade but it's not crazy. It's on sale. It's calling to me. It has fonts but it's not an embroidery machine. (I can use my mom's if she ever takes it out of the box). I am going Husqvarna because I want to support a local business plus they teach me stuff I don't know when I need to learn it and they do all well-child visits in house and most repairs. That means it won't get shipped around needlessly if something does go wrong.

So what do you think? Should I go for it?