Monday, July 28, 2008

Rant week: discontinued

I never rant on this blog. I like ranting but I really don't ever get around to it. However, something really got me going the other day and I decided to do an entire week of ranting right here.

Then as I was looking through one of my favorite blogs, [i] love life, for a specific post, I decided to cut rant week short. I guess I preempted rant week since I hadn't even gotten started. I'm usually a pretty positive person anyway.

K. Barteski, author of [i] love life, is an artist and a mother with an adorable baby just a few months older than Zadie. Her blog is a mix of talking about her art and her life. She seems incredibly happy, is an amazing artist, and is constantly positive.

I realized that since I, too, am in love with my life, I really shouldn't bother with venting. What good is it to dwell on the negative things? Not much at all.

But just in case you were wondering, here are the topics of the recently forgotten rant week (there were actually only 3):
1. People who ask you questions about your process and never thank you when you give away your secrets.
2. People who think it's okay to touch your baby. Hello? Germs? Strangers? I don't even let mom hold the baby before she's washed her hands, why would I want some kid in the Kmart touching the baby.
3. The parking situation on my street.

That picture up there is from the alphabet wall I put together for Zadie's nursery. I spent a lot of time on it and I think it turned out great. The hedgehog in the middle is one of the free pieces I got from the aforementioned blog. I'll write a post about the nursery later.

But since I made a list of idle rants, I think I should share why I love my life since I have a lot more reasons than I had rants to begin with:
1. I have an amazing husband.
2. I have an adorable baby who smiles almost all the time now and everytime she does I can feel it through my entire body.
3. I live within walking distance of a small farmer's market. We go there every weekend (although we have yet to walk it with baby in tow. The Babyhawk can get hot and it's super humid here too. Soon.).
4. At that market Firefly Farms sells delicious goat cheese. It has less fat than my old standy, colbyjack and is made locally.
5. This list can go on forever so I'll stop.