Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alphabet pants

This post is in the spirit of Kids Clothes Week because I actually finished them a couple of week ago. They were leftover from the inspiration of my first Kids Clothing Week where I made these yellow elephant pants.

Everyone was so encouraging and positive that I decided to make another pair from what was left of the Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday fabric I used to make a pinafore for a friend (well, her kid). I got really creative in my cutting to use up every stitch that was left.

These are a bit big at the waist so they'll be lovely capris come Spring. Again, I used the Sailor Pants pattern from danslalune on Etsy. I didn't have many issues putting them together the first time so they went together really quickly.

I pulled the tab from the front forward so that you could see the contrasting fabric. I don't usually use fabrics from the same collection together because it's so matchy-matchy but I think these are so different but so the same that it worked really well.