Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Project: Robot Party Good Stuff

No robot party is complete without a popcorn making robot. My brother owns this awesome popcorn machine and was nice enough to haul the thing up to my house so I could robotize it. I basically just added a "skirt" of poster board, arms and a head.

Here is where he lived during the party because he requires an energy source. Unfortunately the power was out for the first hour! But luckily it was restored and my brother helped serve up the robot's tasty snack for the revelers. Sorry for the bad photo. Not every robot is as photogenic as my kid.

To make the head I just put a brick inside the box and set it on top of the machine.

I used hot glue to tack magnets to one end of each slinky and stuck it to the metal top of the popcorn machine. I cut out the "hand" shapes and taped them on.

Luckily Mr. Lemon runs a vegan baking company and he put together this phenomenal cake. It was lemon cake with vanilla icing. The red pipes are Twizzlers and the gumdrops were from Target (and surprisingly vegan).

There was hardly any cake left over and he made plenty. It was so good even my veganophobic family members kept coming back for more and more.

These favor bags were a huge hit with the kids. I found another cool robot font and printed out the names of all the kids coming to the party (and "Lee-rah" "Ry-nan" will get theirs sent to them soon, I promise). The head is just a circle cut in half; curlers from the dollar store for legs; lots of stickers; some pipe cleaners; Dymo labels; black bags from Michael's.

They're like a little army. I posted more pics on my flickr and please post photos to the group I started if you have any robot party images of your own.