Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lemon Cadet's yeti is featured with his sea friends!

Today Lemon Cadet's almost famous yeti panties were featured on the fabulous blog, ilikeseamonsters. This blog is authored by a fellow Etsian, tinaseamonster who makes really cool shirts about zombies. I can't wait to put those on the future cadets.

TinaSeamonster has been blogging for a long time now and has recently started featuring other Etsy sellers. She only picks super great stuff so it is a true honor to be featured.

She also mentioned it on the Craft Mutiny blog.

In other YETI news, four new pairs of yeti panties are on their way to the Etsy shop. One is polka dot, one pink stripes, one blue and one solid pink. I have two pairs of white panties that will get beaned later this week. Don't forget that you can get a yeti on your (new) panties too.

The yeti buttons are also now in the shop. As always, our partner website, (a division of Lemon Cadet) is still coming soon.