Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lemon Cadet Sighting...

Check out the Trendy Tots blog. They featured Dolores, one of my very favorite designs as part of their Fresh Finds. I don't have many hot pink onesies left and I haven't been able to find anymore wholesale so she may be discontinued soon. Such sadness.

Trendy Tots is a really amazing blog. They highlight all kinds of cute, indie products. What an honor!

News from the homefront: Mr. Lemon has been hard at work fulfilling my insane nesting desires. He replaced the kitchen countertops with the coolest laminate (if that's what it's even called...). Today he finished fixing all the cracks in my new studio (his old office) and we might even see some paint on the walls by the weekend. When that's all finished, the nursery challenge will begin.

I have pictures of the kitchen to share and a special vegan cheese ball recipe. I expect to have some time next week!