Thursday, July 19, 2007

Etsy Treasury Poster Challenge

I get really excited about contests. I love to enter and I love seeing who wins. So Jared (the guy at Etsy who invents all the amazing graphics stuff like the Treasury, the Time Machine and the Color Picker) and the other Etsy Admins came up with this idea to have a poster contest via the Treasury. They are going to pick a few of the best and make limited edition posters out of them to give away at events (like Strange Folk in St. Louis where I'll be in September).

I love my entry. I chose most of these from my favorites, starting with KnittyDirtyGirl's hedgehog piece. I love her work and can't believe I didn't see her amazing little felted pieces at the Eastern Market last weekend. I based the color theme around the red of the polka dot fabric and then built from there. Here's a list of the sellers that I included: theblackapple, aorta, supastarr, heatherjeany, cornflakegirl, thegarbagegoose, miniblisscakes, oktak, AuntyCookie, askey, douajeevang, lagreen, fifilapin, huddle, and yumiyumi. I just bought a felted cat from lagreen to go next to thegarbagegoose's Poppy Kitty.

It's gotten some great feedback so I'll keep you posted.