Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crafter in need

Alison Gordon, crafter of WonderlandQ, co-organizer of Bazaar Bizarre and Sampler Contributor Relations superhero, very recently faced a medical emergency. Like so many other independent artists and crafters, Alison is without health insurance.

The Wonderland Retreat etsy shop (named in honor of Alison’s website) was created by her friends to help ease the financial burden of her ordeal, and etsy is waiving all fees. If you would like to help a fellow crafter, please consider purchasing an item from the shop or donating an item of your own. To donate an item, please contact Renee Garner at wonderlandretreat [at] gmail.com for more information. To make a monetary donation of any size, please send paypal to info [at] auroraseven.com.

If you’d like to donate something handmade, please send the following info to Renee:

–1 biographical sentence
–website for more detailed info on the artist/goods (if you have one)
–address/contact email
–a photograph of the product
–a short description of the product
–suggested price
–mailing info: will you mail straight from their location or will you mail to her to ship upon item’s sale. If you mail will you cover shipping or should that be added to the transaction?

Thank you for reading! And Alison, hope you’re feeling much much better after all the craziness.

I just sent along info and pics on this little guy, Drew Bean, from the Lemon Cadet baby line to be added to the Wonderland Retreat shop. He is a size 3 - 6 onesie. Free shipping! As much as my day job takes away from my crafting, I feel very lucky to have health insurance. I hope this little donation helps.

And get well soon, Alison!!