Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Handmade Arcade

It's been over a week since Handmade Arcade but I've been sick. I wish I could have posted a review sooner but it just wasn't happening. The show itself was amazing. It was very well organized and we got great communication involving setup and directions. I was impressed. They even had volunteers lined up to help us unload our cars the first morning. Wow.

The crowd was super enthusiastic and really there to shop and support us makers. They had to be! It was freezing in there. I was layered up like I was off to seek out yetis in the frozen tundra. For me, it was nice to be so close to home. It takes just over an hour to get there from here and I was able to stay with a good friend where I felt comfortable.

I'll definitely apply to do the show again next year and I hope to get accepted. But I do hope they find a venue that's a little cleaner or at least provides some heat.

I had my friend Dorsey make up a new batch of yeti tees, I got busy making a whole bunch of bean dolls and a nice stack of the Lemon Cadet baby and toddler line including some furry yetis. The table was about 8 feet wide, a whole 2 feet wider than my little tables. The space was great but my tablecloths (designed to fit a variety of table sizes) were too small! Oops! So I took my decorative linens and layered them on the sides where my cloth was too short. I like the way it looks but you can bet I'll be sewing up a couple more for BUST.