Monday, October 04, 2010

Is that safe?

So today I drove to a different state (not a big deal in WV as we're surrounded by like five other states) to meet an "online friend" in a dark parking garage in the middle of nowhere. As I was pulling into the very dark parking garage, seriously in the middle of nowhere, I had a moment of trepidation until I saw my friend with her baby strapped onto her standing next to her stationwagon with my new prized possession inside. Is this crazy? Of course it's crazy.

Sometimes I feel like no one in my "real" life gets me. I was just talking (actually emailing) with someone about this today. I feel super lucky to have friends in real life but also super lucky to be a part of this online community where people think it's rad to cut up some dead guy's jacket and turn it into a cape and to cut up dead furniture to make something amazing.

It was nice meeting you today, you know who you are. And it will be nice meeting the rest of you one day.