Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An invasion

I've been busy here at Lemon Cadet preparing for my Fall show schedule. Instead of adding too many new items to the Etsy shop, I've been organizing the studio, finishing up some custom orders and ordering wholesale blanks.

Plans have been in the works to add new Yeti items like a brooch, a set of magnets, and some stuffies (yes, that's right, stuffies -- also known as plushies, softies, stuffed beasts, and dolls). So when a customer lost her beloved Yeti panties and requested a patch, it seemed the time was nigh.

I whipped up a Yeti who's currently flying via the USPS cargo plane to Boston for his training session. Above is the portrait I snapped of him in my office with my cellphone for his visa (Yetis need a visa for travel as they aren't permanent citizens this far south). As soon as he's good and ready, I'll be offering them in the shop. Brooches and magnets will be there quicker.

I'm almost finished with my inventory spreadsheet and I'll post a pic to flickr as soon as it's ready. Now I know what I have in every size and color. Why I didn't do it sooner is beyond me...