Monday, February 14, 2011

Giveaway winner announced and Valentine Schmalentine

Well Happy Valentine's Day! Just got the wild beast down to sleep for the night. I don't know what they put in the water at her school but the kid was a maniac this evening. Geesh. We are exhausted after that one.

Above is a sample of the valentines we made to give to all her little friends. I bought the pdf from My Paper Crane, printed them out on glossy photo paper and cut them out. Some I used special scissors for but that was taking forever so most I just cut like this. Z glued them all down herself and embellished the red card stock with stickers. She also drew on each one with markers. It didn't take long and I felt bad that they weren't as awesome as I had hoped until I got home from work and saw her loot. Aside from one of her teachers and one other kid, everyone else had just bought cards and taped candy to them. One of them was branded with those Bratz whores. These kids are 2 and 3! Geesh again.

So anyway, it's been hectic around here and I have a slight case of self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder (learned how to diagnose myself in Ab. Psych back in college, hellz yeah). But like I promised, I'll post about some of my favorite vegan stuff this week. Hey, Danskso! Feel free to send me a pair of those new vegan sneakers in a size 37 (sand, please). I'll get right on reviewing those.

And the winner is #4, Jonnie! I sent you an email but if you didn't get it, let me know.