Friday, July 01, 2011

Hello Campers!

Welcome to 1001 Peeps Summer Camp! Today we are making the Peeping Peeps zippered tote.

But first, leave me a comment with your favorite campfire treat and you'll be entered in a contest to win a mini fat quarter pack like the one I used to make this bag. Comments closed! Thanks to all who commented.

Here's what you need:
Lizzy House fabric
fusible interfacing (I prefer Wonder Under)
decor weight fabric (I used a solid from Ikea) 
clear vinyl (I used the packaging from toddler panties)

1 zipper at least 11 inches
28" of 1" wide grosgrain ribbon (for two 14" long handles)

office paper
1 tiny bulldog clip

thread and assorted sewing supplies

Let's make a pattern!

bottom = 1 sheet of 8.5" X 11" office paper
top = cut 1 sheet in half lengthwise for 4.25" X 11" (fold like a hotdog bun and cut)
back = cut 1.5" off the long edge for 7" tall X 11" wide

sides = cut off the short edge for 7" tall X 8.5" wide
front side panels = 4.5" tall X 2.25" wide
front top and bottom panel = 1.75" tall X 11" wide

window = 4.5" tall X 7.5" wide

Prepare your sturdy pieces:
I generally cut my decor weight lining fabric about 1" larger on all sides, my interfacing 1/4" larger on all sides, and then my outer fabric 1/2" larger on all sides.
Iron your interfacing to your outer fabric. Let cool and peel off the paper backing. Iron your decor weight fabric to the outer fabric then pin pattern and trim to size.

bottom = cut 1 fabric, 1 interfacing, 1 liner
sides = cut 2 fabric, 2 interfacing, 2 liners (1 for each side)
back = cut 1 fabric, 1 interfacing, 1 liner

top = cut 4
front side panels = cut 4
front top and bottom panel = cut 4

Ok campers, let's do this!

1. Start with the front panel center piece. Make a fabric/plastic/fabric sandwich as shown. Put the fabric RST and slide the vinyl in to meet the edge. Clip together with the bulldog clip because you can't pin the plastic.
Stitch 1/4" away from the edge and repeat for the other side. Unfold your side pieces and finger press. Don't get an iron near the vinyl.

2. Add your top panel. Make a fabric/center piece/fabric sandwich just like above. Put the fabric RST lining up the edges. You'll have 4 layers of fabric on the edges and the added piece of vinyl in the center. Stitch and repeat for the bottom. Unfold your top and bottom pieces and topstitch as shown. This will secure the panel. Set this aside for later.

3. Let's move to the top piece. Like your panels, you are going to make a fabric/zipper/fabric sandwich. Put the fabric RST and place the zipper between the layers lining up at the edge. Stitch 1/4" away from the edge of the zipper, unfold and topstitch.  Repeat with the other side.  Set this aside for later.

*Note: At this point you can switch to larger seam allowances if you are more comfortable with that. Just be consistent from now on.

4. Get that front panel out. Attach the sides to the front and back panels RST making a big inside out loop as shown. Now you're getting somewhere!

5. Attach the bottom piece to your "loop" starting with the front panel. Line your edges up. You may have to use a seam ripper to clip a few stitches from your side panel seam allowances. DON'T stitch into your seam allowance or you'll have rounded corners and puckers instead of square ones. Stitch one side at a time, lining up each edge as you go.

6. Now you have the main portion of the bag finished. Take a minute to trim all of your seam allowances with your pinking shears or serge the edges so everything will stay nice.

7. Pin your ribbon handles to the inside of the bag. The ribbons should hang down into the RS of the fabric. These are placed 2" from the edge.

8. Stitch the front panel to the top piece RST, doublestitching over the ribbons for added strength. Repeat for the back panel.

9. Stitch one side closed, doublestitching over the zipper tape for strength. Then unzip as much as you need so that your hand will fit through the hole. Stitch the other side, again doublestitching over the zipper tape.

10. Reach your hand down into the bag and unzip all the way. Turn your bag inside out and pat yourself on the back, camper! You did it. Poke your fingers in all of the corners to tidy up.

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