Wednesday, November 12, 2008

decisions decisions

So I had to make an emergency trip to the store for baby prunes. The organic brand we like (next best to making our own baby food) doesn't have prunes. The organic Gerber prunes were packaged in #7 plastic. The other option was a conventionally grown product packaged in glass baby food jars.

What to do?

So far we have given the baby only breast milk or organic foods (except for Motrin that one time and weird gas drops another).

I went with the glass. I'm just hoping that Beech Nut washed their plums really well before they dried them. What would you do?

1, 2, 4, and 5 are the only kinds of plastic coming into contact with foods in our house. Why are so many toys (that she is gnawing on constantly) not labeled? Why does my breast pump funnel contain BPA and why did it take that company months to come out with a non-toxic bottle? My brother just got diagnosed with cancer. He is younger than me. I'm just scared.

I feel like I should go live in a damn hole in the ground sometimes -- oh, and then I'll have to worry about a Vitamin-D deficiency.