Monday, December 06, 2010


I will have no official post today. For some reason way back when it was hot out, I volunteered to make several million stockings for Zadie's class. Her teacher didn't even ask me if I could make them. I just offered my sewing services like a crazed lunatic (is that even politically correct?). Anyway. I've been procrastinating like that was my job so tonight's the night.

So I leave you with this:

Go ahead, click on it. One day, I will actually get around to sewing stockings for my own family and when I do, I hope they will be as cool as that one.

Oh, and a word on the dollhouse posts: I have one more post on scale and that's it. Also, I'll be doing a giveaway and there will be a post on that and a post on which you should leave comments if you want to win the loot. And I think that's it. Well, I'll have to announce a winner too.