Friday, August 03, 2007

A moo apology?

I ordered some Moo stickers about a week ago. They are these tiny glossy stickers that you can have printed from your Flickr pictures. As I'm addicted to both my Flickr account and tiny things, I couldn't see how there could possibly be a better product to buy. They also have Moo cards that you can get. If I could decide what to put on the back, I'm sure they'd be here by now.

Today I got the cutest little email from the Moo robot guy apologizing for having lost some information. I don't even remember what color I ordered! So far, the whole Moo process has been great. It was easy to order, easy to choose photos and crop, easy to pay. I can only guess that my stickers will be equally great. I'll post some pictures as soon as they arrive. The suspense is killing me. I really want to start decorating all of my packages with them.

I am in awe at how clever they are with their customer service.