Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Week . Links

It's time to bring Earth Week to a close. Next week, I plan to do a post on gardening -- not because I'm remotely good at it, but because I have picked up a few tricks here and there. First I want to thank Sabra of Sew A Straight Line for letting me join along this week. Special thanks as well to the sponsors: Natural Home Essentials, Monkey Travel Club, 8 Little Coconuts, and Nature's Fabrics. Additional thanks to guest posters The Everyday Palate and Lemon Squeezy Home. It's been awesome.

Thanks so much to all of you who stay tuned this week even though Earth Week was not your thing. And thanks to all the new readers who tuned in because Earth Week is your thing (stick around, you still might like all the other jazz I'm up to). It's not gone unnoticed.

Project: Project returns to its regularly scheduled programming next week. That's mostly my (mis)adventures in sewing projects, getting stuff done around the house, and gardening in the Summer. It's pretty much what's been in my flickr all along, I just spend more time going on and on about it.

I want to finish the week with a list of links to sites and companies that I think are good resources or are worth supporting and why. Enjoy!

Veg Dining and Happy Cow
I haven't eaten meat in almost 20 years. My husband is vegan. We both love to travel and finding food is often difficult. Both of these sites have listings and reviews for veg restaurants all over the world.

Environmental Working Group
A charity working to get rid of dangerous chemicals and toxins in our homes and products and foods. Every year they publish a list of safe sunscreens and they even have a current list of safe cosmetics. They have a list of cell phones and the levels of radiation they emit. Check out their printable list of the Dirty Dozen foods to buy organic and the Clean Fifteen. It will fit in your wallet.

Buying handmade eliminates the middle man and allows you to get you to know the person behind the craft (except if they are a jerk and don't return your convos, in which case you can buy from someone else, right?). Check out the Shop Local tool that can connect you to people in your area.

Greenfeet has just about everything you need to ingest foods more safely like their stainless steel water bottles, bpa- and pthlate-free baby food trays (we used these daily while Zadie was eating baby food), and all kinds of good stuff. AMAZING customer service.

I bought cloth diapers from a million and one different websites. Finally I found Abby's Lane. Always free shipping and they carry all the brands I need at good prices. If you join their yahoo group, there is a coupon code.
A very useful guide to avoiding GMOs when you're shopping for food.