Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project: NYC Pants

My mom and I have developed a little tradition of taking a mother/daughter trip to New York every couple of years. This past Fall, we took Zadie with us. It went surprisingly well even though I was super stressed about getting food in her and freaking out when she wouldn't nap. I've definitely chilled out a lot since then (I think).

I picked up an XXL men's shirt with this pants pattern in mind and actually got around to making them. I took these photos back when it was cold out. Now it's 80 - 90 degrees every day. We wear these to the park a lot because the cotton is thin and it's easier to go down the slide in pants than shorts.

They are surprisingly easy to make, a great fit over cloth diapers, and just plain awesome. I have two pairs of these that the designer, Kim, has made. We met at a craft show a couple of years ago and kept in touch. She is an amazing person. Everything she makes is from recycled/upcycled clothes and she uses pretty much every piece of those shirts. It's very cool.

These are Zadie's favorite pants. Check out the little detail I added to the hem. Just imagine what I can do with my new sewing machine (did I just write that? ha! more on that later. I'm still too afraid to turn it on).