Thursday, August 16, 2007

Market Report

This weekend Lemon Cadet hit the road for a trip to the Brooklyn Indie Market. There were some amazing sellers there, including fofolle who made the super cute microminis and Melissa Bell with these dresses that looked phenomenal on every single person who tried one on (both in photo). I also got to hang out next to My Funky Twisted Soul and Bohemian Soul, a mother-daughter crafting extravaganza. Kat Kaplan gave me some great advice as she's got some actual business experience and I got to meet some ladies of the New York City Craft Mafia, among a handful of other creative sellers. It was a really fun day. The crowd was pleasant and really receptive to all the good goods.

August seems to be a slow month for Brooklyn but the market got a lot of foot traffic because of its location. Despite the slow sales, I truly had a wonderful day. I learned a lot, as I do with every new show. At one point, a guy came up and pulled a Hank onesie (Hank is one of my bun bun designs, a green fleece bunny face with long ears) off the rack and began shaking it up and down like he was hopping, I guess. He was shouting, "I'm a hipster baby! I'm a hipster baby!" I thought that was pretty funny.

Check out the pictures on the Brooklyn Indie Market's flickr page. Kathy of fofolle took some great shots of the booth. That link will take you to the first shot of my booth.