Thursday, March 03, 2011

More plans

Just like that chair, I can't seem to get these houses out of my head, so much so, that I had to look through I Can Fly several times to make sure there weren't any more drawings of houses on the other pages. But no, this is it. And because of this one little scene, I went and bought a dollhouse kit. Ironically, my husband is okay with it so far. Maybe that's because I we haven't started it yet. Ha ha.

So see that one little house there on the left in the back, the one with the ironwork at the peak of the roof? (I have since learned it's called cresting). That's what did it. I need to make a dollhouse and it needs to have cresting. I bought this one for super cheap on eBay. I know it's a tudor and they don't normally have cresting. Cresting is more traditionally a Victorian element. I plan to leave the half-timbering detail off the dollhouse anyway. But seriously, I'm going to Mary Blair the heck out of this house. It will be mid-century whimsy at its finest. I'm so excited.