Thursday, June 17, 2010

What the heck I'm I going to do with this?

So remember that polka dot dress I made and posted about a while back? Well it has been the real roadblock (bane of my existence) to my finishing up some unfinished projects. I followed the pattern to a T (very unlike me) and the dress just hangs off my kid and is impossible to get on and off (maybe it would be fine in a knit).

Anyway, I created these tabs to add to the "straps" that got formed when I cut apart my shoulder seams. I thought I'd get all fancypants and do some sort of French seam to hide all the garbage from the reconstruction but because of all the bulk, my machine refuses to do a pleasant topstitch. I decided to cover it up with a zigzag stitch with disastrous results.

I'm angry that I had to do all this. I'm angry that it's not going well. And I refuse to cut these off and start over. I want to cover it up. Help.