Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project: We are the truth

I will never forget the day that my friend called me up with her big news. She said, "My daughter's name is Fei Yen ..... and her sister's name is Xiao-niao!!!" I was stunned. This is one of my closest friends. We have known each other since we met at camp when we were 12. She had been waiting a very long time for her adoption referral. The process was lengthy but she knew the envelope from the agency would be arriving that week and I was expecting her call. No one, however, was expecting two babies! She and her husband were hoping to get one baby girl from China but they were one of the few lucky parents to be given twins. What a wonderful surprise.

A few weeks after that, they travelled to China to meet the girls and become their official parents. We met them at the airport when they came back home and it's certainly been true love for me ever since. Even though my friends live in a different town from me, I feel like they're my family. Zadie loves the girls and talks about them all the time. She wears their old clothes and shoes and is currently playing with some of their toys that are on loan. The picture above is the three of them playing some bizarre game with outdoor chairs (toddlers. who knows). They are having a blast whatever it is they're doing.

Last week the media told the story of a woman who adopted a boy from Russia and sent him back. I'm not going to comment on that because I really don't know the whole story and it just makes me cry thinking about it. But I feel that this one negative story has put a bad light on international adoption, which is a truly wonderful thing -- bringing children who need families together with parents who need children. We Are The Truth is an adoption blog day. You can go to the JCICS website for more information or just do a Google search and read other stories from adoptive parents and people who know and love other adoptive parents.