Monday, September 13, 2010


I finally found the perfect storage system for the office. That room does so many things, I knew I would need to tie everything together. So this is the wall I've shown before but the new cabinet is on the left. This room is my office and studio, Aaron's office, and Zadie's downstairs playroom (see our DIY play kitchen on the right).

This is the new cabinet. I needed it to be in that "maple" color to match Aaron's Jonas secretary desk and the "wood" of my Robin desk, both from Ikea. I also was hoping to find something that would double as a coffee table as this room is also our guest bedroom. The couch is a pullout (um, from Ikea via Aaron's sister and an impulse As-Is buy that obviously worked in our favor). The cabinet is not high quality but it fits and it works. I HATE the green bins and will re-cover them or put them to better use in the basement if I find something more beautiful.

Here is the top of the other wall of storage and use. The metal bins are from Lowe's and the gorgeous floral bins are Liberty of London from Target. The pink baskets are from Big Lots (you gotta check them out around Easter). The pink polka dot basket is from Michael's and I can't believe how perfect it fits.

This silver shelf is an old Ikea Billy that is still in good shape, surprisingly. I got the metal wire baskets from Target recently. The brown fabric-covered bin is a Martha Stewart box that I scored at TJ Maxx for 4 bucks (ha!). The cardboard photo boxes are from Michael's too. I still need to get another one to replace that ugly plastic bin with the blue lid but I'm not going to make a special trip out that way. I also need to buy one more binder. The cardboard recycled ones are from Office Depot and the two brown ones are from Target. I think I'm going to spruce them up with some ribbon.

I am loving my space. The photos are heavily tagged in flickr if you wanna know what goes where.