Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My My!!

On our way home from the Brooklyn Indie Market, my trusty assistant and I stopped by the fabulous shop, My My, run by the charming Taryn. It was super easy to find (once we realized that New Jersey had two Interstates 95 (why? why NJ? why? the reason roads have unique numbers is so that people can get to places easily and without confusion).

I have some items there and since I had just spent weeks preparing for the craft show, I had lots of new loot for her to choose from. So up there is a picture of my onesies hanging out with all their new friends. Just above is my stuffed beans with their new friends including that adorable little creature from Cornflake Girl. From what I understand, My My has hired a new employee to be Plush Department Manager so things will really start looking nice.

Taryn is super sweet a runs a nice shop. The colors are perfect and she has a great selection of indie goods including zines. There is a picture of Lemon Cadet with personal assistant here on flickr.

In recent My My news, Taryn's sister Jennifer and her daughter Annabelle caught some crazy virus and both were sick for days. Jennifer was even in the hospital. Now they have tons of bills. If you'd like to help out, read this blog post. They are working on an Etsy shop to raise some money.