Friday, March 05, 2010

Project: Someone else's project

I just had to take a minute to write about what just came in the mail -- this awesome Retro Ruffler from Raegun. I consider Marissa an online friend. We have emailed and sent convos and left comments on each other's flickrs and blogs and whatnot but we've never met and we probably never will. But I still feel like she's in my circle, you know. Etsy is like that.

So when I saw this little goodie -- and then I saw that one of my friends had gotten one too, I decided just to buy it. (Even though it was the middle of Winter and it would not get worn for months). I love it. There's a lot of detail. It's a cute vintagey design that got me right away. I like the color in this picture but I went with a blue floral one with dark blue ric rack because I think Zadie will look super cute in it. I wish she would let me put it on her but she has been in a mood for over a week and I haven't been able to get a thing on her except fleece. Sometimes I think she is not my child.

EDIT: I finally wrangled said toddler into this thing and wow. It is so cute. Even cuter than the kids in the listing photos (ahem). It's also a great fit. I ordered a 3 because my kid is really tall (considering her elfin parents) and I was worried about the rise. Awesome. It's a perfect fit now and I'm sure we'll get two summers out of it. It's not tight around the thighs, is roomy around the cloth diaper, and had super long straps that can be tied differently to adjust fit. Yay!